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Call Response
for Business

With Adlightech Call Response, companies can now offer customers new streamlined secure communication methods, aligned with the new times and new technological trends, allowing for a simplified, faster, and more flexible customer experience.

Adlightech Call Response brings new ways for customers to place their orders or service requests

With Adlightech Call Response, your customers can easily place an order or service request by making a call, scanning a QR Code, or sending an SMS, fax, or E-mail to your office using a designated Call Response number or your current email address.

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What you can do with us

Open a New Communication channel

Enables your office and customers to privately and securely exchange information via a secure chat.

Capture and classify all of your customers’ incoming calls, SMS & Emails

This automated system provides your office the capability to receive calls, classify them, listen to ongoing calls, and access messages, including voicemails, SMS, and emails.

Collect Data

The dashboard provides up-to-date reports for: received calls, received SMS messages, response confirmation, successfully processed orders, and more.

Have more control of your processes

For every status, customers can receive customized SMS/Call Notifications with relevant information about their services or orders requests.

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Want to try us out?

Call this number

Have first-hand experience

This number is a sample menu that customers would receive when their calls are not answered.


Instead of just leaving a voicemail that ends up in the PBX voicemail system. Customers would receive a customized menu like the one at the designated Call Response number.


The company staff will have an immediate view of all received calls, SMS, and Emails from customers.

Adlightech Call Response
Automated Order by Phone Network

Allows you to maximize your profits opening new communication channel.

This service allows the capture of all your customer’s answered or unanswered calls, for orders or service requests, providing the caller with an automated system to place their orders via Voicemail, Secure Chat, SMS, and QR Codes.

They receive back their order information including Order Ticket number.

Simultaneously, your business receives new notifications of  incoming Call Response Orders in the the Call Response Dashboard;

as well as notifications via SMS and email;

Once the order is received, the call status can be changed to Working, Ready, Cancelled, Hold, or any other customized status. 

For every status, customers can optionally receive SMS/call notifications with relevant information about their order and the estimated resolution time.

In addition, Adlightech Call Response allows your business to receive orders via QR Codes, email, or SMS messages from customers to a designated telephone number via the Call Response platform.


The business would also receive notifications via SMS, email, and the Adlightech Call Response dashboard of these new orders. 

Working Together

Become a Call Response agent 

We offer a Sales Program for Agents in any industry.

The Call Response Sales Program is best suited for agents and marketing websites who want to offer Adlightech Call Response platform to companies in any given territory. 

Associated agents and their customers will enjoy generating significant incremental revenue, increased demand, and improved customer service through affiliation with the Adlightech Call Response platform.

Please send us an email to:

become agent

Call Response Services


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Receive orders via QR Codes or SMS directly from customers

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